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First Canadian’s broad product offering ensures you can access all the protection you need to safeguard your investment and mitigate the effects of unforeseen risks.

Anti-Theft Protection

Platinum Security Protection

Keep thieves away from your vehicle.

Thieves avoid vehicles with the Platinum Security Protection because it increases the likelihood of getting caught, makes the vehicle harder to sell, and makes the parts less profitable to chop-shops. Unlike other theft deterrents, there is no monitoring fee and protection cannot be disarmed, disabled or disconnected.

The system has three key components to help keep your car secure:

Warning Decal

Visible warning decals on the driver and front passenger windows identify the vehicle as being registered with a national theft prevention company and warns thieves that the vehicle’s key components are marked. A professional thief will pass on a marked vehicle and focus instead on an unmarked one.

ID Code

A non-removable, police traceable identification code is permanently etched on all the major glass of the vehicle or imprinted onto selected body panels. The ID Code is registered into a national database that is cross-referenced to the manufacturer’s VIN, the selling dealership, and the vehicle’s owner.

Theft Recovery

Platinum Security protection also aids in recovering stolen vehicles and assists with related expenses. If the system fails to prevent theft and the vehicle is deemed a total loss, you will receive up to $5,000 towards a replacement vehicle, as well as rental vehicle and/or accommodation reimbursement. If the vehicle is stolen and recovered, you will receive up to $1,000 towards your comprehensive deductible for the repair of damages, and up to $1,000 towards your home insurance deductible if you claim for property stolen from the recovered vehicle.

Motor vehicle theft is one of the most common police-reported offenses in Canada.


There were over 87,000 reported vehicle thefts across Canada in 2019 – that’s roughly 231 vehicles each day.


Automobile theft costs Canadians approximately $1 billion per year.


1 in 6 stolen vehicles are never recovered.

Protection for when “what if?” becomes “what now?”.


Millennium Asset Protection

Protecting your financial future when your vehicle is ruled a Total Loss.

*Not available in all provinces.

What happens if your vehicle is ruled a total loss? Will your insurance company provide a payout that covers the full balance owing on your finance contract? Probably not.

Insurance companies usually calculate the payout based on the current market value of the vehicle, so it’s possible that the payout will be less than the amount still owing on the vehicle at the time of total loss.

You are responsible to pay the difference between the insurance payout and the amount still owing on the finance contract.

Millennium Asset Protection is designed to reduce (possibly eliminate) that difference for you.

What does Millennium Asset Protection offer?

Up to $30,000 in benefits

Millennium Asset Protection may cover up to $30,000 (including up to $1,000 towards your primary insurance policy deductible).

Coverage for up to 96 months

$500 Loyalty Credit

You will also receive a $500 loyalty credit towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle.